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PEO C4I Logo

Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence

PEO C4I is the Navy’s first line to acquire the right communication and technology tools to deliver affordable, integrated and interoperable information warfare capabilities to the fleet. PEO C4I is headquartered at NAVWAR’s Old Town Campus in San Diego, CA. It includes eleven program offices responsible for acquiring fielding, and supporting C4I systems extending across Navy, joint, and coalition platforms. This includes the management of acquisition programs and projects that cover all C4I disciplines.

Program Office Information Sheets

Click the links below to learn more about each of PEO C4I Program Office.

PMA/PMW 101 Logo

Multifunctional Information Distribution System (PMA/PMW-101)

The MIDS Program Office (MPO) is comprised of the MIDS International Program Office (IPO), MIDS Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), Advanced Tactical Data Links, and the Link 16 Waveform programs.

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PMW 120 Logo

Battlespace Awareness & Information Operations (PMW 120)

PMW 120 delivers an integrated portfolio of battlespace awareness and Information Warfare capabilities that enable the Fleet to assess the battlespace and make better decisions faster.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 293kb)
PMW 130 Logo

Cybersecurity (PMW 130)

The Cybersecurity Program Office is the Navy’s cybersecurity acquisition agent delivering cybersecurity products, capabilities, and services that protect and defend against cyber threats. PMW 130’s mission is to enable Information Warfare by providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability of capabilities through innovative acquisition of maritime cybersecurity products.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 411kb)
PMW 150 Logo

Naval Command and Control Systems (PMW 150)

We provide intuitive, innovative, and resilient Command and Control and Tactical Communications solutions to the warfighter to enable better decisions faster.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 599kb)
PMW 160 Logo

Tactical Networks (PMW 160)

PMW 160 is the Navy’s program office for tactical networks, providing mission effective, affordable and cyber resilient networks for Navy tactical forces. PMW 160 delivers integrated wide area, local networking and computing and data systems afloat to support a robust network of geographically dispersed Navy, joint service and coalition forces.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 262kb)
PMW 170 Logo

Communications & GPS Navigation (PMW/A 170)

As the Navy's Communications and Global Positioning System (GPS) Navigation Program Office, PMW/A 170's mission is to be the premier provider of advanced, resilient, and adaptive communication and assured position, navigation, and timing capabilities.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 239kb)
PMW 740Logo

International C4I Integration (PMW 740)

The International C4I Integration Program Office (PMW 740) is the PEO C4I focal point for security cooperation efforts. Under the authority of U.S. Title 22 (Foreign Military Sales and Foreign Military Financing) cases, and U.S. Title 10 (Building Partner Capacity) cases, we acquire, integrate, test, deliver, and sustain tailored C4I solutions and services to foreign partners in support of US National Security and foreign policy objectives.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 415kb)
PMW 750 Logo

Carrier Air Integration (PMW 750)

PMW 750 delivers integrated and interoperable C4I capabilities to our Navy’s aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, command ships, and aircraft by leading PEO C4I integration initiatives to improve system-of-system (SoS) interoperability during C4I modernization. PMW 750 delivers advanced planning to ensure the right capability goes to the right ship at the right time. We coordinate C4I system installation for new construction and fleet modernization, and ensure Naval Aviation platforms are interoperable with ship and shore systems.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 384kb)
PMW 760 Logo

Ship Integration (PMW 760)

The Ship Integration Program Office plans for the design, acquisition, test, integration, and installation of C4I capabilities developed by the various program offices within PEO C4I on New Construction and in-service U.S. Navy surface ships, Military Sealift Command (MSC) special mission and support ships, U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Cutters, and AEGIS Ashore sites.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 467kb)
PMW 770 Logo

Undersea Communications and Integration (PMW 770)

PMW 770 delivers vital C4I capabilities to the Navy by connecting and integrating the architecture of undersea vehicles (Submarine and unmanned) and Mobile communications to maximize joint warfighting command, control, and communications.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 229kb)
PMW 790 Logo

Shore & Expeditionary Integration (PMW 790)

PMW 790 delivers resilient, adaptable, interoperable and affordable shore and expeditionary C4I capability, enabling all domain mission success.

View Info Sheet (pdf, 331kb)
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